Finding Good Universities in Russia

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I want to go to school somewhere far away, where I won’t be bothered by my parents, and where I can see a different part of the world and take in a different culture. I think that would be nice, and i really want to look for something different when it comes to my education. I am checking out getting a mbbs from russia and I want to look for schools in the country that offer it. It is the degree that I want to get, because I would like to go to into the medical field. I have always been really interested in medicine and surgery, and all of the related aspects of human health. So I am pretty sure that a MBBS is the right degree for me.

Anyway, I am not sure that my parents will be very happy about my decision to go to school in Russia. » Read more: Finding Good Universities in Russia

Solving the Problems of Education

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Education is not created equal and neither is learning. Despite having access to a really great education system when I was growing up, being granted entry into a prestigious private prep school, I still had issues that needed a home tutor to help me get through some of the classes. Primarily, I had serious problems with math. No matter how hard those teachers would work with me I was just unable to nail down math. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized that I was flipping my numbers around – dyslexia! Nobody had ever noticed that I was doing this, not even myself, which can potentially explain the majority of my problems with math classes. » Read more: Solving the Problems of Education